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What We Do

Model based or 2D print inspection

Datum can handle all of your inspection needs.
From the most advanced MBD/CAD based inspections to blueprint, mylar, master gage and template based inspections where legacy knowledge is key. Our technicians have the expertise and experience to handle any inspection project you may have regardless of size, complexity, or technology level.

Reverse engineering

Datum offers a full range of reverse engineering services. If your company inherited a mold or fixture to produce parts and the amount of tooling provided will not keep up with production demands yet you have no design to reproduce the tooling. Or if your company has a legacy part or an as built project that you need to have 3D data for. Look no further datum can inspect and provide usable models, prints, full designs or raw data to accomplish any and all delivery requirements to your customer.

Onsite inspection

Datum shows up to your facility, no need to ship your project. Our technicians travel to the location that the inspection is required. Datum is a highly accurate portable solution to your inspection needs. We bring equipment to your facility that can hold the tolerances and meet the application requirements your organization demands.

Third party inspection and certification

Datum’s technicians also specialize in third party and or periodic inspection. We have the experience and accuracy to give you the warm fuzzy feeling when the after the fact inspections are required to insure repeatability and that the equipment is still within the tolerance required. If it’s just a simple double check or a full-blown periodic inspection we can handle your needs.

Data analysis and reporting

Datum provides solutions not just reports.
What happens after that data is collected is the most important part of the inspection process.
If the part we inspect is perfect the task is simple, however in many instances that is not the case.
We will give you the best and worst-case scenario in the event a part or tool is out of tolerance.
Our technicians will analyze the inspection data, create a best-fit condition and provide you with usable data to make a decision.
We can go as deep as writing detailed rework plans or simply provide graphs, color deviation maps, 3D data and XYZ deviation reports. We do our best to provide data that is easy to digest in any format or file type.

Plant layouts and installations

Datum specializes in plant layouts and installations. Our technicians will take control of your layout and installation needs by providing a turnkey technician that is capable of managing and handling all aspects of the project with a hands-on approach. Our vans are loaded with the proper tooling and personnel to accomplish any and all tasks your project may present at a moment’s notice. Have a job abroad, no worries, we have the experience and resources to handle that as well.

Large scale machine alignment and certification.

Do you have a large machine you are installing, building or simply need to know the accuracy your machine is capable of? Datum will support you through the entire process. Rather it be setting and alignment needs or advanced full 3D volumetric analysis and compensation we can handle it. Datum can provide detailed full geometric inspection reports, graphs and color deviation maps that allow you to understand fully the error and or accuracy of your equipment. We will also help you with bringing that equipment back into your desired accuracy by mechanical adjustments, or supported computer compensations if required.

Software, equipment and application training.

Most companies offer training, what makes Datum different is the fact our technicians have grown with the metrology industries ever changing technology. Our staff has helped software and hardware companies develop the products they offer through our needs and struggles in the metrology world. We will train your personnel with the skills required to be the best in the business, by teaching your staff how to make the software and hardware work for them in the most affective and accurate way possible. Datum’s skill, diversity and experience allows our company to bring you a training experience that is second to none.

Tool building

Datum’s technicians have more depth than inspection alone. Each of our technicians are journeyman tool makers with multiple skilled trade and management backgrounds. We will process, program manage and or build your programs if you so desire. Our team can work with your employees as inspectors or we can take control of your project, providing support and man power to bring your projects to life with minimal interaction from you and your staff. The choice is yours.

Manufacturing and Fabrication

Datum has a vast network of partner companies within the manufacturing industry. If your project requires added machined components, rework of existing components or if you have a project that needs to be built new we can handle it. We work directly with expert manufacturing organizations that specialize in highly accurate large and small-scale part and tooling components. These companies have the experience and systems in place to handle the most complex projects that require the most stringent quality requirements. If you need a company to oversee a tool rework or build project we can manage the program for you, or we can simply provide you with a (reference) supplier capable of providing a solution to your needs.